In order to complete the closed production process (Feed - Farm - Food), in August of 2010, ANCO established ANCO Family Food (AFF) based in Long An (ANCO FOOD Long An).


ANCO Food Factory


All AFF products are guaranteed for safety because they are produced by the 3F process (Feed – Farm – Food).


The 3F Process:



ANCO and the 3 factorys producing feed and nutritional supplements for livestock guarantee that there is no toxin, growth hormones, or antibiotics. This is a great advantage for AFF in inspecting the health of animals and quality of animal products to ensure that no trace of harmful substances in meat products.



ANCO, together with a team of leading experts in Malaysia and Vietnam and the modern and unique six housing farming system, guarantee veterinary sanitation. The farming process does not use low quality feed, uncontrolled use of antibiotics, and especially no growth hormones. This enables AFF to closely inspect the safety of input material as well as quality of the finished products for processing of family food.



AFF is committed to ensuring food safety and quality for consumers.


The supreme product from the 3F process is the nutritional sausage for children, Xuxifarm. This product was made from clean pork of ANCO farms, bringing peace of mind to consumers about the origin and quality of the product. SUTEKI – a brand of product that is produced by the concept of “Ready Meal”. AFF has been focusing on the construction of this concept to target modern youth. In the future, AFF will continue to launch a variety of tasty, convenient, and nutritional products based on the “Ready Meal” concept.




Anco Family Food
Lot M, Street 10, Loi Binh Nhon Industry Zone, Tan An Dist, Long An

Tel: 072-352-6314.
Fax: 072-352-6319.
VAT: 1101303612


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